Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Blogging is not a weapon to attack people

Recently, I have noticed some of the postings in the blogs are being misused by bloggers to attack people in person and it is not a good trend worth to promote. In the fast growing pave of blogging activities in the virtual world, people thought it is a good way of throwing tantrums and attacking people from the opponents and more seriously defaming people or attacking personally on the targets.

In this highly penetrated internet-enabled world, blogging is not new to many but some newbies considered it as a good and strong "weapon" that need to be equipped with in this very moment of the highly political movements awareness in Malaysia.

Postings are everywhere and some false statements are being "published" by bloggers who are not verified with their names. The overflow of the information is too difficult to be filtered and we might be absorbing rubbish information.

When more and more false information are moving in this virtual world, chances are it will turn into unneccessary speculations and requires clarifications from the relevant parties.

Nevertheless, if it is being used properly, it will definitely be a channel to monitor and giving pressure to some parties.

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UNCLE BOO said...

Fully agreed with you, especially those who dare not to let people know their identification, but tried very hard just to attack people instead of sharing idea.