Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My good friends - Beh Hwa and Hey Zhi

--Without Prejudice --
When I was a teenager around 15 years old I got to know 2 good friends - Beh Hwa and Hey Zhi. I have special feeling with Hey Zhi because my 1 year old brother has admires Hey Zhi more than Beh Hwa. And so there was a guy who always come to my house and tell us lot of story about these 2 friends. There are good and bad stories about them however this guy has been close friend to Hey Zhi and thus the stories has been pro to Hey Zhi more. I still remember that year when Beh Hwa and Hey Zhi is contesting in a Beauty Competition that was done once in a 5 years time (but some time it is done earlier maybe 4 years or 3 years), they are fighting completely and thoroughly. Beh Hwa is richer than Hey Zhi and thus Beh Hwa has more money than Hey Zhi to buy more luxury clothes and cosmetic products to decorate herself. Hey Zhi of course is supported by a group of hard-core admirers. They fought hardly and had come out with all soft of strategies and tactics just for the sake of winning. Beh Hwa has her own agendas and Hey Zhi has hers as well. End of the day, Beh Hwa and Hey Zhi won some supporters respectively. Back to year 2008, the new generations of Beh Hwa and Hey Zhi fought in a Modern Beauty Competition again some time back in early March. Hey Zhi has evolved and started to use some modern strategies and tactics like Internet. Beh Hwa was not as good as Hey Zhi in this manner. Though Beh Hwa is as rich as she was previously, she lost advantage in a lot of views. Beh Hwa use electronic media like Television to broadcast and advertise herself. Some advertisement is disgusting and has caused irritating to some of the hard-core supporters. And there, Beh Hwa lost some supporters because of lot of issues that Beh Hwa has. Hey Zhi shows her sincerity and organize talks everyday and thousands and thousands of supporters show face. Beh Hwa did not admit the lost of supporters and continue to be arrogant and do things and said words according to her sentimentals. Supporters see Beh Hwa and Hey Zhi face and can differentiate the sincerity from there. The old generation of Beh Hwa has the guts to say words that gain supports, but new generation of Beh Hwa has guts to say words that lost supports. Hey Zhi again meet supporters requirements. On the competition day, Beh Hwa lost and Hey Zhi won. And that night, all Malaysian know who is Hey Zhi and realise Hey Zhi is prettier than Beh Hwa.