Monday, October 12, 2009

声援被传召到听证会的六位学生 (

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To: Vice-Chancellor
Support the Students Facing Charge
Six students from Chinese Language Society of University Malaya organized a debate competition on 8 September 2009. They have been charged by university authority and being asked to attend a proceeding on 12 October with the reason of inviting “outsider” to judge the debate competition. These judges are Teresa Kok (Seputeh MP), Wong Nai Chee (MCA central committee member) and Koh Kok Wee (a political commentator).

We, the undersigned, hereby oppose the action due to the following reasons:-
1. The six students only organized a debate competition that provides a platform for intellectual discussion on current national issues. This also provides a chance for the university students to understand the current national issue more deeply.
2. The Student Affair Department had approved the activity by approving the Kertas Kerja Dasar. The students had informed Student Affair Department of the topic and the judges invited. Student Affair Department didn’t halt the said activity but only advised the organiser not to organise any activities with political element in the future.
3. The charge of inviting “outsider” to judge the competition is unreasonable as it is the common practise in UM activities.
4. Chinese Language Society denies that it is a political activity but purely a debate competition that provides a platform for intellectual discussion.
Therefore, we hereby demand that Student Affair Department:-
1. Do not take any action upon the 6 students.
2. To respect the student’s activities.


我们, 以下签署者, 根据以下理由反对此次指控:
1. 举办一个探讨国家时事课题的辩论表演赛并没有错。这活动只是为了提供大专生一个更了解现今时事课题的机会。
2. 学生事务处已批准该活动的申请。活动策划人在活动开始前已如实告知学生事务处辩论表演赛的辩题和评审嘉宾。学生事务处并没有阻止该活动的举办, 而只是劝说下次不可再办任何具有政治元素的活动。
3. 这项针对“邀请校外人士出席活动”的指控是不合理的。因为邀请校外人士到校担任评审嘉宾是马大学生活动的一个普遍做法。
4. 华文学会否认该活动有任何政治议程, 这活动只是一个提供讨论平台的辩论赛。

因此, 我们同声向学生事务处要求:-
1. 无条件撤销所有对那六名学生的指控。
2. 尊重学生活动。